23 de abril de 2013

Avô !

When you died, i cry.
And nowdays I still crying,
Everyday, Everynight.
I Cry.
Cry in silence.
I Love you,
But, you’re not here,
I don’t have you
And my world goes down.
I love you,
But I never told that to you.
I really love you,
And I need you,
But you’re not here,
So I cry.
My world was’t the same,
My world,
You. Oh you,
I need you,
But you gone.
I’ll never gonna see you again,
Just on my dreams,
But I Know that isn’t you,
Is just a Dream,
Isn’t the true.
Everyone says
”You need to be strong,
Was the best”
I Know that is true
But i’m not strong,
I can’t be strong
Whithout you.

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